Quality Of Life

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Cross Public Safety Building

The facility that is now the Cross Public Safety Building was damaged and recommended for demolition. Knowing the facility is the center of the Cross community, we worked to ensure that the station would serve the community for years to come.

Controlling Flooding

Working with federal and state agencies, Berkeley County Roads and Bridges Department as well as private property owners, we've completed dozens of ditch-clearing projects around the county to reduce and, in some cases, eliminate flooding.

Job Programs

We recently helped fund a large-scale regional program with Trident Technical College to get Berkeley County residents the training they need to be qualified for jobs at Volvo and other manufacturers.

Recruiting Business

This year alone, Volvo announced an additional investment in the county, bringing their total to nearly $1 billion and creating a total of nearly 4,000 new jobs. Thorne Research also announced they’re relocating their headquarters and manufacturing facility here—a $35 million investment that will create 330 new jobs. Berkeley County broke ground at the new SAIC expansion site in Hanahan. This $26 million investment will bring 200 jobs to the county and will create equipment for our national defense.

Bike Paths & Boat Ramps

A 9-mile trail along Clements Ferry will take that area from one of the least bike-accessible sections of the county to one of the most. The multi-use trail will even include an elevated bridge over the marsh. We’ve also added new boat ramps and landings throughout the county.

New County Services Building

The only facility of its kind in the state, our new County Services Building is a one-stop resource for residents, containing every government function the public needs access to in one repurposed building. This includes treasurers, auditors, tax collectors, permits, planning, council chambers, voter registration, a much-needed DMV, and more.

Recycling Program

Berkeley County is entering a partnership with RepowerSouth to extract recyclable material from our waste, giving us the highest recycle material recovery rate in the state with 100% participation. Residents will benefit from the service at no additional cost—and no sorting required!