Royle Road at Sangaree Parkway



Type Of Project

Pedestrian Bridge, Sidewalk Extension & Intersection Improvements

Construction Start
(Or Estimated Start)

Anticipated mid-2018 Construction Letting

Estimated Completion

Estimated Project Budget

$4.2 million

Managing Agency

Berkeley County

Funding Source(s)

Penny Sales Tax & BCSD

Project Description

This project consists of constructing a pedestrian bridge over Royle Road near Sangaree Elementary School. In addition, a roundabout is being designed at the intersection of Royle Road and Sangaree Parkway and is being coordinated with the Berkeley County School District.

Project Status

Right-of-way plans have been completed for the combined roundabout and pedestrian bridge project. Right-of-way acquisition is underway with construction of the pedestrian bridge over Royle Road scheduled to begin in mid-2018. Revised plans are expected to be submitted to SCDOT by April 27, 2018.